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Children's Drama

Mt. Sinai Ten Commandments

Children's Drama


Children's Drama for Quilt 1

In the Beginning

Children's Drama for Quilt 4

Sin and God’s Promise

Children's Drama for Quilt 5

Cain & Abel & Seth

Children's Drama for Quilt 6

The Flood

Children's Drama for Quilt 7

Tower of Babel

Children's Drama for Quilt 9

Abraham and son

Children's Drama for Quilt 10

Jacob’s Dream

Children's Drama for Quilt 11

Joseph and his brothers

Children's Drama for Quilt 12



Children's Drama for Quilt 13


Children's Drama for Quilt 14

Red Sea Deliverance

Children's Drama for Quilt 15

Mt. Sinai


We’d like to thank…

Script & Lighting – God
Director & Producer – Carla Joy Clements
Assistant Director & Prop Design – Mary Lou Sinclair
Film Editing – Macario “Mac” Hernandez

— Actors & Actresses —
Lance, Sean, and Victoria Bennett
Kayla and Morgan Day
Luis and Manuela Del Rosario
David and Ryan Earls
Kaylee and Tyler Elkins
Alejandra and Amaraini Gomez
Cindy Guerra
Grace Jeong
Dakota and Cheyenne Kirchmeier
Stephanie D. Lightburn
Brian Lockhart
Amanda and Wyatt Norton
Greg and Ashley Oldfield
Maria Oliva
Tyler Powers
Robert Reed
Blake Rhoades
Carmelita and Monica Rodriquez
Maria Rodriquez
Andrea Rosales
Chance Roush
Marisol, Ana and Eduardo Sandoval
Juliana Sinclair
Kimberly and Brian Stackhouse
Mason Stem
DJ and Katy Thompson
Melissa, Nayely and Israel Vallejo
Daisy Vargas
Carla Yepez

— Audio Script Reading —
Sidney Morrison

Mary Lou Sinclair
Martin Earls

Mike Thomas
Macario Hernandez

Carla Clements
Beth Tubbs and Kyle Tubbs

Elizabeth Conner

Sara Loyd

— Costumes, Props, Sets & Stuff —
Mary Lou Sinclair

Daunn Brim

Forest Meadow Baptist Church

Freeman Heights Baptist Church

Park Cities Baptist Church

Wilshire Baptist Church

Girls In Action @ Freeman Heights

Girls In Action @ Casaview Baptist
Kim Perkins

Bob Paramore’s handpainted backdrop of Bethlehem

Lots of great props from Bob’s warehouse

Danny Leger with his calf and goat

Baruch HaShem Messianic Synagogue

Shiloh Terrace Baptist Church

Baptist General Convention of Texas

Aimee Hall

Lakeside Baptist Church

Dallas Baptist Association

Ann Whittington’s creative artwork ideas

Lynn Fowler’s little stuffed lamb

Lots of Garage Sales

— Computer & Administrative Helps —
Rick Dugan- Evelyn and Marsha
Aaron Gross -Jeffery Durrence
Deb Berns

— Website —
Matt Miller –; Isaac Niedrauer
Jeffery Durrence – Futuristech – Clint Fleetwood

“The Web Deacon” John Field

Corey & Helen Scott

— Still Photography —
Rex Campbell – BGCT David Craft – Mastercraft

— Music & Musical Instruments —
Harp – Marilynn Clark
Guitar – Arthur Wilhite
Shofar – Rick Dugan
Background Music Compilation – Macario Hernandez

— Carla’s Encouragers —
The LORD God Himself
Everyone who participated in the production
and ALL the people listed in the different categories above
and so many others who encouraged me and prayed behind the scenes:
Gloria Rey My Family Faith Shiver
Victoria Loyd Karen Gilbert Sue Jefferson
Barbara Oden Patty Lane FMBC ladies MaryBeth Huber
Beit Shalom Messianic Congregation Nancy Powell Angie Durham
Baruch HaShem Friends FMBC Aaron Gross Lita Clifton
Eitz Chaim Friends Gary & LaVerne Rick Dugan Jo Meadows
Mrs. Elizabeth Hall Indigo Friends Faith Sunday School Class
Diane Snow FBC Sharlene Leger Dellana Talley


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