Bible Storying

Celebrate the Feasts of the LORD. Rejoice in learning more about God from His Appointed Times. What a delight to ‘remember & experience’ His ways as you tell His Story and prepare for His 2nd coming!

Tell to the generation to come the praises of the LORD. and His strength and His wonders that He has done… that they should put their confidence in God, and not forget the works of God, but keep His commandments – Psalm 78 –

carla2Different Biblestorying methods may be used to tell and retell the story. Statistics show we need to hear the story at least 7 times to remember the details. There are specific suggestions in the Visual Story Bible Curriculum for each story.

Here are some general suggestions for telling and retelling: do an ‘impromptu’ drama of the story/do the drama again with different children as different characters in the story/make props for the drama/ record & edit your own drama/include all the family in the drama/ review details of the story ‘in order’ / review by telling the first scene and asking ‘what happened next?’/ have different children come forward and tell the bible story/participate in God’s Appointed Times and learn about His Biblical Calendar/ prepare special foods/ color a picture (download coloring sheet from Visual Story Bible website)/draw a picture of the story/ play a game/ read the story aloud from the Bible/ read a book about the bible story/ sew a Quilt Square – available at Visual Story Bible website/make up a ‘rap’ or rhyme about the story/ sing a song about the story/ watch a movie about the story / retell the story at bedtime.



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